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  • We provide a non-commission venue for selling and buying private vehicles. We are not a dealer or consignment lot.

  • We have 4th generation customers from the first families who bought and sold vehicles in the early days.

  • We don’t require a reservation. Our policy is first-come, first served.

  • There are ALWAYS friendly, expert people to answer any questions at the desk during hours of operation.

  • We are happy to help you contact potential sellers by phone



Frequently Asked Questions

What days are you open?

Carmart Office is open normally on Saturday 7 am - 4 pm and Sunday 7 am - 3 pm.

**Gates Open from Sunrise to Sunset**
We will close certain times of the year for holidays and special fairgrounds events.
See Hours page for details and last-minute updates.

Do you having Financing? 

Northbay CarMart itself does not have financing however we have one of our partners Sonoma Federal Credit Line help you with that Used Autos - Sonoma Federal Credit Union. Its as easy find the care you like and see if you can finance it on the spot! NOT all cars will have that ability but many will. Depending on credit approval. 

How much Financing can I get?

You can first go to: [Sonoma Federal Credit form]

Apply there and then come put to choose the type of car, truck or RV you want. Since this is an independent financing source you can go to any dealership and purchase from there. We just give you a variety without a SALES MAN coming to you. 

What do I need to bring with me to sell my car?

Your vehicle, current registration, and smog certificate if available.
Although not required to show proof of current smog or pink slip to bring your car to the CarMart, both are required at the time of sale for ownership transfer.


How long is my Smog Certificate good for?

A smog certificate is good for 90 days from the date of the testing being done.


Do I need to make an appointment or reservation to sell my car?

No appointment necessary — first come, first served (don’t worry, we have plenty of spaces!)


How much does it cost to sell at the CarMart?

… Not Much! Call for pricing on your type of vehicle generally cost is $35.00 or the entire weekend or $25.00 for just one day.
Cash payment only. Sorry, but we do not accept personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, credit cards or debit/ATM cards.
There are no multiple car discounts. Sorry, but spaces paid for are not refundable, whether or not you sell your vehicle.


Do I need to stay in my car on the lot?

You are welcome to stay with your vehicle, but it isn’t required. For those who wish to stay on the lot, we have “Owner On Lot” signs that may be placed on your car to alert prospective buyers you are nearby. You will leave a description of your car with your asking price on the inside of the window, and “tear-offs” on the outside with your phone number — people will view your car, take your phone number from the tear-off and if interested, will call for more information and a test drive. It is highly recommended that you give a phone number where you can be easily reached, such as a cell phone.

Can I leave my car overnight?

You are welcome to leave your car overnight on Friday and Saturday. We have a security guard service after hours. Please remember to lock your car, take your keys and put up the top on convertibles anytime you decide to park and leave it for the day or overnight. We will do our best to look after your vehicle during normal operating hours, but can’t be responsible for unforeseen circumstances; sellers park at their own risk. Because the lot is without guard service on Sunday after 3 pm, please drive your car off the lot.
The gate will be locked at Sunset. This is the Sonoma County Fairgrounds policy.

NOTE: Early birds are not allowed to leave cars on the lot before Saturday opening hours. Please note, any vehicles that remain on the lot Sunday night after hours and later are subject to ticket and towing!

Do you charge a percentage of my sale price?

No, this is not a consignment lot and there is no commission. CarMart staff do not show your vehicle for you. 

I haven’t sold a car before. Can you help me?

We are always here to help! There are friendly and knowledgeable people at the desk ready to be of assistance. We have DMV forms if you need them, and helpful advice to assist with completing your sale. If you have records of regular maintenance and repairs, these should be available to prospective buyers, along with any other history like a CarFax report.

Can you do a CarFax for me if I am buying or selling a car? 

Yes, we can run a CarFax for you at a minimal cost.

How should I prepare my car to sell?

To present your car in its best possible condition, try to spend some time on detailing. This can include: Wash/wax the exterior, clean the windows inside and out, detail the interior (don’t forget the ashtrays and glove box!), clean the engine compartment and trunk and remove all personal and valuable items. Headlight most don't realize how a faded headlight can make your vehicle older than it is.  Here are some simples ways to do this. We are ONLY suggesting NOT instructing you to do so. ALWAYS do your own research.

Fastest possible way to restore HEADLIGHTS - YouTube


The BEST Guide to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY! - YouTube

What else do you suggest?

When prospective buyers take your car for a test drive, always be sure to ask to see a valid driver's license and insurance from the driver.

What’s not allowed?

We strive to make the Carmart a clean, safe and pleasant place for everyone. It is our hope that our patrons and visitors will help us do just that. Absolutely no alcoholic beverage consumption or drug use is allowed on the premises. Please control your pets and be aware of where your children are — there are cars driving in the rows. Be sure to not lean on, or otherwise disturb, the vehicles on our lot. Please keep your food scraps and trash in hand until you find a trash container to deposit it in. We appreciate your cooperation with keeping the CarMart a great place to visit!